Why Pegasus Solutions? The short answer is to better protect yourself and your organization. During my 24+ years leading FBI criminal and national security investigations, I never met a person or an organization who thought they would become a victim, including myself. As a result of this reality, I established Pegasus Solutions to help individuals and organizations better protect themselves and their assets.

Pegasus Solutions adheres to the FBI’s Vision “Ahead of the Threat” to mitigate risk. I strongly believe this means providing relevant information along with implementing common-sense steps and/or processes that help people and organizations better protect themselves and their assets before they become a victim. Of course, there are thousands of proactive steps individuals and organizations can take to stay ahead of the “bad guys” and not become a victim; however, trying to incorporate numerous changes at once often leads to further vulnerabilities and other pitfalls.

My goal with the Pegasus Solutions Newsletter is to provide you with a few timely and relevant “security tips” each month because protecting yourself and your organization often starts with small, rather basic steps. Below is the link to the Pegasus Solutions Newsletter and two actions you can do NOW to better protect yourself and your assets…

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